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Gardening Service in Costa Rica

Gardening Service in Costa Rica

These services correspond to the maintenance of the green areas in general, those areas that are already created and need a monthly maintenance, or areas planted with grass that must be cut with a certain periodicity. For example: business or residential buildings, private residential, public institutions, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. The objective of our garden service in Costa Rica is to maintain the beauty and landscaping of buildings.

Also, we offer the creation of green areas and gardens. We offer from the design, suggestions and recommendations and, quote the necessary services for the creation of gardens.


Tree Pruning

Tree pruning in Costa Rica

It represents the cutting and pruning of trees. Among the most common trees are palm trees and shrubs. The tree pruning service is available for public or private companies as well as for all types of houses.

Lots Cleaning

Lots Cleaning in Costa Rica

This Service consists of cutting grass, shrubs and plants in empty lots, or lots that do not have any type of garden and it is required that they be cleaned periodically; It is a service widely used by all types of institutions, since by performing preventive and adequate maintenance on empty lots avoid problems with other institutions such as municipalities and the Ministry of Health.



Professional Gardening Services in Costa Rica

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